Sunday, March 8, 2009


Well today I went and worked in th local clinic. Another day has pasted now of trying to understand just why these people have the tendencies they do. I do not yet understand why people would not want to take care of their children. I had a little girl come in today with her big toe split in half, it was past the cuticle into the flesh just above her toenail. After doing as much as I could I bandaged her toe and sent her on her way. My mind is beginning to wonder, "What is it going to take for these heathens to understand the concept of staying healthy?"

Well on to other news. I have alot of pictures that I am wanting to post and will start doing so very soon! What makes a human being disreagard their own childs health? What makes a person not give a shit about the current way in which they live? I am puzzled, I lay awake at night wondering why these people are they way they are. Any who I hope you enjoy the pictures.

I wanted to take a few minutes to give two shout outs to my brothers who unfortunatley are not at my FOB. I just want you to both you know that you are missed and loved. Take care of yourselves and be safe. Left is "Doc B" and Right is "Princess"

Friday, March 6, 2009

Afghanistan in my Eyes

I arrived here at FOB Lane on Feb 7th, 2009. I have to tell you that this country is something you read about in a book. I am perplexed by the living conditions these people endure. They have no running water, no electricty, and their water supply is poluted by animal and human urine and fecal matter. Their children are overwhelmed by candy and pens. If makes we wonder what they would do if they were afforded the chance to see a television. I think of the things my children have and the things that most people take for granted. Things like ice cream, and going to park to swing. Its these such enjoyments that these children will never be able to enjoy because they are stuck in the 500's.

For the most part these people are good heart, however you have to wrap your mind around the fact that the same person who made you Chia one day may be the same guy that plants an IED the next day to blow you up. I am privledge to be able to work in a nearby clinic twice a week. My first patient in that clinic was a 1yr old with 3rd degree burns to the posterior midsection. We had to debred this burn. ( Remove the dead/charred skin to expose the new/good skin. ) It was difficult doing such thing imagining this being done to my own. This is what I wanted to do, be a medic. I do love my job. I love being able to help people however it is growing tougher day by day to help the same people who want to kill me.

My teammate "Doc Quaalude" and I fell in on a run down Aid Station. Today it is updated with new fixtures and updated medications. Well there is alot of information that is coming, so check back.